Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year in Review

Every year on new years eve we go through our "Good Times" jar where we write down every fun thing we did through the year.  It's a good time to review what we actually did, and be reminded of all of our blessings.

January - Daddy Fixed his schedule so he could go to Taekwondo and Brain Balance.
January - Ben and Hannah Started piano lessons with mommy.
January 2 - Santequin cousins came over and went shopping at Toys R Us.
January 9 - We went to the Provo City Center Temple open house and out to dinner with family.
February 3 - We spent 4 hours at the Treehouse Museum.
February 12 - Daddy Daughter Hoedown.
January 13 - Hannah earned her reading medal!
February 18 - Hannah and Daddy went swimming at the Rush.
February 20 - Rachel, Ben and Daddy went to a BYU basketball game.
February 26/27 - Mommy's overnighter by herself.
February 26 - swimming in a hotel.
February 28 - Isaac started crawling!
March 9 - Benjamin Started Taekwondo.
March 17 - Benjamin tried to catch a Leprechaun.
March 20 - Hannah had her Kindergarten program.
March 27 - We celebrated Easter and Bunny day at our home only this year.
April - We finished the edging around the Patio and got a fence installed.
April 2 - Picked up PJ in Heber Utah.
April 11-22 - The kids took swim lessons.
May 13 - Benjamin had his belt promotion test and earned his yellow belt.
May - 13 Girls night, Rachel and Hannah were introduced to Ann of Green Gables.
May 13/14 - Father and son campout.
May 30 - 7 mile hike to Elephant rock.
June 4 - Isaac celebrated his 1st birthday with cousins and swimming.
June 6 - Rachel's spring piano recital.
June 12 - Andrew was fully potty trained - day and night!!!!!!!!  (in just over 1 week)
June 13 - Andrew slept with no white railing on his bed.
June 19 - Fathers day.
June 24 - Last day of school!!!
June 27/30 - We took a trip to Island Park ID with our cousins!
June 28 and 30 - Spent the day in Yellowstone.
June 29 - Went swimming in Island Park Reservoir.
June 30 - We went to Grand Teton National Forest and walked in the water.
July 1 - Benjamin Turns 8 and starts cub scouts!
July 2 - Benjamin gets baptized by Daddy.
July 5/8- Rachel and Benjamin took a RAD's kid class
July 9 - Glenn Eagle Golf Tournament.
July 9 - Mary Poppins play in Herriman.
July 13 - Isaac has surgery on his right eye for clogged tear ducts.
July 16 - Activity days day camp.
July 25 - Rachel, Benjamin, daddy, uncle David, Caleb and Jacob did the Temple to Temple 5k.
August 6 - Benjamin had a Demo Team performance.
August 12/13- Father Daughter campout.
August 12/13 - Boy's night with mommy and 2 star wars movies.
August 16 - Rachel turns 10!
August 17 - We celebrated 11 years of marriage.
August 19 - girls get their ears pierced.
August 20 - Grandpa John and Grandma Levis were sealed in the Temple.
August 24 - BACK TO SCHOOL!
August 26 - Hannah turns 6!
September 2 - Mommy's birthday!
September 3 - Stimpson reunion at our home.
September 6 - Andrew's first day of preschool!!!
September 7 - Rachel starts Taekwondo.
September 9 - We dressed as Pirates and got doughnuts.
October 14 - We took a hayride at J&J's and got our carving pumpkins.
October 17 - Mommy's Halloween orchestra concert.
October 18 - Andrew had his preschool field trip to Black Island Farms.
October 20 - Hannah had her 1st grade field trip to Black Island Farms.
October 22 - We went hiking up Adams canyon and found a little waterfall.
October 25 - Ward Halloween Party
October 27 - Isaac has his 2nd surgery and had a tube put in the tear ducts of his right eye.
October 27 - Rachel had a Reflections award and got 2nd place.
October 28 - School halloween Parade.
October 29 - We carved and painted pumpkins.
October 31 - Daddy gave a presentation in Provo.
October 31 - Trick or Treating with cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Anson's.
November 11 - Belt promotion test.
November 24 - We had Thanksgiving with cousins after an ER trip with Isaac for croup.
November 25 - Cousin Sleepovers!
November 25/26 - Hines Mansion for mommy and daddy. (Yummy ice cream and food!)
November 27 - Daddy's birthday
December 3 - Temple Square lights.
December 6 - Andrew's first Dentist Appointment - he did awesome!
December 9 - Mommy's Christmas Concert.
December 9 - celebrated Andrew's birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Anson and Grandma Dorothy.
December 10 - Ward Christmas Party - we sang Ragnar the flat nosed reindeer.
December 12 - Andrew's turns 4!
December 14 - Rachel got 2nd place in the Science Fair.
December 20 - Preschool field trip to the mall for a train ride.
December 22 - Rachel's piano recital.
December 22 - Decorated Christmas cookies.
December 25 - Christmas with cousins!
December 25 - Christmas with Grandma Dorothy and the Adams.  We had waffles!!! YUM!
December 28 - Birthday lunch with Grandma Dorothy.
December 28 - Museum of Natural Curiosity with Grandma Dorothy and the Adams.

PHEW!!!  No wonder I'm so tired!  What a blessed, busy, EPIC year we have had.

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